R Narcofootage R NarcofootageTwo guys death in shooting in santa Isabel Mexicali México. 210k members in the NarcoFootage community. Supposedly Ghost Rider is the right hand of Sierra Santana (Viagras) who gave him the moniker. Jose Rodrigo Arechinga Gamboa/El Chino Antrax: @miauuuu5_7 on Instagram. Must have hit a safe house as cops or something. Depends on where you go and what you do. Mexico's most powerful criminal gang holds rival cartel member. America has everything to gain from Mexico’s Narco drug trade. However, I remain an ignorantly raised, uncultured American and can only speak or read English. "Voy a matar este güey, mátalo a la verga"💀 English vision "I’m gonna kill this dude, kill that cocksucker". They found six abandoned bodies on the outside of the farm, four dead and two unconscious. Unless you’re John Wick, you ain’t gon do shit when 7 armed men bust into your house at 2am and run. r/NarcoFootage • Posted by BGrdG Leaked communication from the Mexico state prosecutor's office to the Sedena shows that the former alerted the latter that soldiers and national guards were providing protection to the Sinaloa cartel. Basically if you're liked and valued your ppl will get you out. This your time to shine, make your own channel. Reports indicate both are leaders in that organization and are allied with El Mayo/CDS. I know what it feels, i also watched a video, not human but a dog, the video seen the owner is plying with the dog, the dog seemed playful and very happy then afterwards the owner roped the dog on the tree getting its stomach open and getting all its organs,intestines out, until such time it was clean and the dog is still alive and barking in agony, that was 2 …. 165k members in the NarcoFootage community. The chances of this being M2 are high I say seeing that the new governor of michoacan wants to. The first time the dude only reacted because CJNG tried to light his nuts on fire. Who is El Plaga ? He’s a decently ranked guy who works for El Ruso (CDS MZ) and operates in Mexicali, BC. Looking for gang violence videos : r/CombatFootage. Three CJNG members got found dead in the highway from Mazatlán to Culiacán all of the three men had visible tortured signs on their body. Really depends, idk too much about Tamaulipas landscape tbh, but there are too many people wanting a piece of the cake, contador has the upper hand just well, because he is a Cardenas basically, but their problem is they cant manage to have one leader, Cdn really depends on how many Treviños are there to take Huevos spot in case he gets nabbed, …. In 2010, a video surfaced showing El Chapo beheading a rival with a. Totally, in the US they don’t leave the bodies out like how they do in Mexico since that would bring too much attention. The guy on his knees it’s about to get chopped up right after the guys in the back give a speech using the words “verga” and “puta madre” many times. Whatever breaks their ability to be the main distributors unchecked is crucial, especially as fentanyl is spreads like wildfire. If you plan on running around alone and visiting tourist attractions during the day, a little less safe, but probably ok. He reads a note wipes off sweat and sings Alma Enamorada. I believe that crossing over 10 kilos of 100 kilos of coke is the same punishment. Terrifying moment cartel gunmen ambush Mexican town's self-defense group as they show reporters around front line of battle against drug gangs. r/allnarcofootage: Discussion group about everything Mexican Narco related stuff 18+🇲🇽 Press J to jump to the feed. Your right on that did not read the part of funky town video only qiero agua THAT VIDEO HAS TO BE ON BLOG DEL NARCO OR GOORESEE. I wasn't quick enough man!! Oh god. At early stages of the periods drug cartels were created in Mexico, extreme violence was used by some enforcers, but it happen with way less frequency. I used to know a guy that got a tabliza. I read somewhere that this French researcher I believe, observed an execution by guillotine in France. Vice reporter put an unfired bullet in that hole. 285K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. r/NarcoFootage • by BGrdG Rare recently published photo shows the current governor of Morelos, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, together with "El Profe" (leader of the Guerreros Unidos and, later, leader of the CJNG in Morelos), "La Tripa", leader of the criminal group Los Tlahuicas, and "El Ray", regional leader of the CJNG in Morelos. The Free Larry thing isn’t crazy. Police crashed into them after a chase. r/NarcoFootage u/13PhonezGhost3145 1d ago 17 Comments. 288K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. His scandalous death in 2006 represented the first signs of a new type of violence that would be unleashed in the country. BOOM found that the viral video is unrelated and that there is no station master named Sharif Ali being questioned in connection with the . 2 Million at World Trade Bridge. They even work with our bikies in Australia. This isn’t a topic discussed much when it comes to drug cartels, many people think they only traffic drugs and live lavish lifestyles. r/NarcoFootage • by [deleted] Keep it real would this map posted by U/jbizzle6994 be a good source to indicate where it’s safe to have a place in Mexico I don’t want to live in or near Americanized tourist states but also wanna be safe serious Answers pls. The theme of death goes way beyond the modern "Santa Muerte". Adolfo constanzo the leader of the narco Satanists cult. Doesn't represent what really happens in that world. the original Zetas cartel are the most violent cartel to ever be in mexico. anyone know where i can find videos like this? 6 comments. Many narcos are famous for carrying heavy military style grenades on the vest/belt. El Chapo & Arturo Beltran Leyva : r/NarcoFootage. They drove in two vehicles one of which was a brown Vollswagen Jetta license plate # "JTJ8638" publimetro later. Mature Content] r/NarcoFootage on Reddit: Why are there so. r/NarcoFootage • Posted by Wilsonhoe Comandante Wilsonhoe 💀 Ok so what i said earlier is getting confirmed little by little on the internet cartele unidos reinforcements flood the state of Michoacán today to help them with cjng. I won't bother naming the game or describe the sick humor they had where every punchline ended with people being dead. These were made for the chapitos posada, JL hats distributed 100 limited edition JGL hats and he obviously got number 19. Chino had beef with los chapitos that’s why he left Mexico and was traveling the world cause MZ didn’t want to give him to the chapitos, he fucked up when he testified And M1 was heavily addicted to coke and had been avenging his son for years he killed literally hundreds of people, I think he was tired of the life he was living and went into his last battle …. [WARNING] May contain GRAPHIC …. Its funny how they have mencho on their gear at all times like they’re his bitches something like the bikers do to their women. There are many speculations about the motive for his murder, from an alleged. 266K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. Alejo, aged 77, refused to hand the property over. GARCIA LUNA: Total trial coverage from outstanding VICE reporter KEEGAN HAMILTON (TWITTER FEED); Drug trafficking trial of former Mexican official Garcia Luna in New …. Some users have criticized the moderators of r/NarcoFootage, where the video was originally posted, for allowing such violent content on the platform. It isn’t as bad as I thought it was I mean yeah it’s bad & horrifying but it’s not as close as I thought it was going to be. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said the Americans had“crossed the border to buy medicine in Mexico” when they were caught in acrossfire “between groups. Most of the time the victims aren’t caught at the end of a firefight or anything like that. Keep it a secret bro ive only ever told you. 261K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. PODCAST: The DEA Trusted the Mexican Top Security Boss. Top posts october 5th 2020 Top posts of october, 2020 Top posts 2020. Imagine you’re the last one alive and you think you made it then you just hear. Yeah when looking into him he has been in the game at a high level for a minute and seems to be pretty smart. I would say all the source are stepping in product u got to either know someone high up or who knows where to get his product I haven’t done drugs in a year bc I have to stay sober for work but I know that’s statement is not true I’ve gotten 98% H before and 100% blow lab tested not saying u should ever do those drugs but you get where I’m coming from just …. reason I think he was just some rich local is because I asked two relatives of mine and one said he was a man with lots of money and pull. One person with a pistol can control an entire room full of people even if there are more people than they have ammunition. ) gets beheaded, and then had a knife put in his (the child's) own chest, just to do a live autopsy and ripping his heart out. The only country I've seen run the short barrel varient (ACE 22) of this gun is Israel. Torturing and expending effort to prolong suffering is child's play. I don't wish anything bad to him but he should stay in the US. Yes, but a lot of it has a lot to do with other cartels propaganda. Took his eyeballs out, then poke his eye sockets with a pointy object (probably a knife) Sliced his neck with a dull knife,i didnt know he was still alive until he tried to reach for his neck with his chopped arm. I know what it feels, i also watched a video, not human but a dog, the video seen the owner is plying with the dog, the dog seemed playful and very happy then afterwards the owner roped the dog on the tree getting its stomach open and getting all its organs,intestines out, until such time it was clean and the dog is still alive and barking in agony, that was 2 years ago still getting teary. Beyond that, they offer hit jobs and they extort people. 192k members in the NarcoFootage community. 237K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. Fun fact: in the traditional meaning Mexico has always been a 1st world country. They can't even agree on Alfredo's figure lol. Came back many years later and that was that. Torture is torture but not all torture is the same. ambassador to Mexico,said an “innocent Mexican citizen” was killed. The only rich "low levels" would be people with family connections to higher levels. I read now that two of the 4 are found dead. 244K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. r/NarcoFootage • by Lui152 El 24 Check this out guys, Sedena is making their soldiers, dye their uniform cause the government doesn't want to give them new ones. Cartels involved in Sex and Organ trafficking. Guerrero; CJNG (Jardinero) goons down timing. Lamadrid Soto, “El Delta”, the head boss of “Los Paredes”, working for “Los Chapitos”, (CDS) was arrested in Cancún QR, MX by the Mexican Marines and …. r/NarcoFootage • by No_Pepper_9626 lead singer of grupo arriesgado is rumored to be the grand son of mayo zambada. The scenario that briefly flashes 17 seconds in is supposedly the first execution video, by La Barbie (it's shown more if you watch the entire episode). It’ll be a damn near impossible endeavor, as it already has been, to stop these operations within Mexico. I am not your typical Mexican cop. 295K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. 4 detained, 1 bystander dead (3/31/21) Video. Obviously that didn't serve me well before as I've always thought these guys were cjng members. In Mexico just like in the US (ie; Ellis Island), when European immigrants arrived and they registered their names, if the person didn't understand or know how to spell their last name, they just used the name of the country as a last name. Lehder cut a deal directly with Bush over AUSA Merkle's objections. Badiraguato Sinaloa - impenetrable. Alejo then placed weapons by his doors and windows, utilising his. I'm sure some of the less willing recruits, like the lower-level teenage sicarios, might get bothered by it, but I'm willing to bet that the guys who are in "charge" of enforcement like this probably stopped caring a long time ago. Near the end he knew the government was going to capture him he was carrying three fragmentation grenades attached to his bulletproof vest at all times. Officer: No Sir, it’s not like. It’s unfortunately pretty easy to find though. According to Fransisco Tuitero Landetta, who originally uploaded it, they were father and son, they were police, or former police, the son was older than he looked, and they were Sangre Nueva Guerrerense (Guardia Guerrerense). CDS and CJNG allies and muscles. One thing I’ve heard is America doesn’t fuck off when the cartels kill a US citizen. Here’s a video by Disturbed Reality about the incident. Description: Footage from the ongoing law enforcement struggles in latin america focusing on the Mexican cartels. “CIA, DEA ran the drug deals” The Miami Herald August 23, 1991 Manuel Noriega says he had good reasons for allowing drugs and guns to slip through Panama: The last seven CIA directors, including George Bush, asked him to help with the guns, while four directors of the Drug Enforcement Administration sought his help on the drugs. Ghost Rider didn't have his face flayed and the narrator also mistakes the second victim for Ghost Rider. 276K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. Imagine waking up to some shit like this 😮 i feel like vieja escuela narcos gave 0 fucks about the Government going after them. He had apparently taken it upon himself to attend several “tactical training” courses before applying with the company. 292K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. Former Guatemalan soldier, now CJNG. r/NarcoFootage • by senorpash The regional leader of the CJNG in Uruapan el Fantasma, 3 members of his family and 7 bodyguards were arrested by the PGR and handed over to the Carteles Unidos. His son is very good check him out. 186k members in the NarcoFootage community. My impression on how cartels operate was that they focuse most on business and keeping a low profile in the outside world and whenever it came down to an execution, it was done by shooting. It wouldn’t look very good showing them cutting his head off, so they forced him to say he was responsible for all the bad shit going on, wrapped him up nice and clean and literally. Sure, she went to get a Tommy tug on car with 3 men all the way to the heart of the Gulf cartel. Nah bro, he missed them both and hit them each in the same knee on accident. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Hearst actively creates articles that are absolutely not just a translation, complete with graphic designs of the hierarchy and maps of the area. Then send a Predator or Reaper drone. I hear he's an architect in Miami these days. 278K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. orange is where they have presence, black in no presence, red is where they have a dominant presence. "El Mando R" is primarily responsible for a series of disappearances and assaults on innocent people on the Monterrey-Laredo Highway at the Colombia Bridge, as well as on the Ribereña Highway in the Piedras Negras-Nuevo Laredo section. They have to give the govt at least some of their men so I'm guessing the guys. El Niño Siciario - Calibre 50 This song is an epic cautionary tale of a young boy who joins the cartel as a hitman. List of additional comment actions. the chomos start shooting at the pepos. Most brits wouldn’t say Mencho like Menshow lol. That was the Tamaulipas massacre (2011), the zetas hijacked 2-3 buses carrying passengers in San Fernando , and they took the passengers to a ranch outside San Fernando and forced the men to fight to the death with machetes, knifes, hammers etc. Mencho: You better not turn this fucking phone off!, Imma call you back to check if your people relax. 174k members in the NarcoFootage community. A beheading video is a form of propaganda or snuff video in which hostages are graphically. Powerups are unlocked in r/NarcoFootage Become a Hero. I’ve never had a problem with most internet gore, considering humans have been torturing each other since the beginning of time and I’ve accepted that there is true evil in the world. 242K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. The question of decriminalization vs legalization is a important too, as there’s differences between the two. Apparently he's saying that these are the family members of the prosecutor that helped convict someone from their cartel. If you don’t know who OG Shadow is, he says he’s an ex Antrax (Sinaloa cartel elite unit) member and is now uploading cartel knowledge to YouTube. Turn Americans against Mexicans/Hispanics, Deportation rates increase, Prisons makes over $100B+, create Jobs such as DEA, etc. those mfs don’t respect anyone at all, they are responsible for various massacres in mexico such as the San fernando massacre in where they murder over 193 immigrants and buried them in clandestine graves. r/NarcoFootage • by naughty_monkee caballeros templarios, how powerful they actually are? i certainly missed their time, same goes to lfm. Also the mass kidnapping ties into the video you’re researching , since some of the cartel guys who were executed played a role in the kidnappings. A little girl in front of the portrait of her father police officer, Everardo, killed at 27 years old last Tuesday, with two other of his colleagues in Fresnillo. Be Implicated?, a drug war insider facing charges of colluding with two major cartels, was in a position to collect dirt on officials on both sides of the border. Those aren't mutually exclusive. Cartel spanks a thief : r/NarcoFootage. this manta contradicts what el plaga posted on IG. I was the shift supervisor and trained him for his first month on the job. If he faked his death CJNG social media would be going around trying to confirm his death. Mature Content] r/NarcoFootage on Reddit: New CJNG FEM …. CDS entering Zacatecas from the north(MZ) and the south (Chapos). There’s a lot of hard truths in this world. People need to understand, in america, the Mexican mafia, NF, and black gangs have the power in American jails and prisons, cartels have no weight and are not feared in the USA. For things like fully automatic aks they can get semi automatic in the US and easily modify them to make them fully automatic and also alot of their assault weapons came from Operation Fast and Furious or they scavenge them from shootouts scenes …. Was killed by El Panu, Leader of Los Chapitos Faction and head of security for El Chapos sons. Killed After Refusing to Join CJNG. There might be a few in between there the head honchos, lieutenant's tend to be family/close friends that over see whole cities along with financial operators who tend to be pretty up there, then break's down to plaza bosses, plaza bosses tend to have armed wings/sicarios who have a "chief of security", then the bottom of the barrel which I …. Evo Morales, former President of Bolivia, Protected and gave Ivan “El Chapito” Guzman Parliament Access when he was in the country training to be a Pilot. Capital punishment was a thing in the old testament and there was war but the new covenant brought on by Jesus was one of peace turning the other cheek forgiving enemies loving your enemies. Leave theses ppl alone , the people in culiacan adore them because they’re against rape and hurting innocents. Graphic or NSFL content is to be labeled as such in the title as well. Another cause is that Marcial was executed out of jealousy of Israel Rincon El Guacho who had a relationship with Aislin Araujo daughter of Gonzalo Araujo El Chalo Araujo, partner of El Chapo and El Mayo. R5 had a good run until he got caught slipping with a 16 year old girl. The only one Cartel I know supporting CSRL is Los Viagras who sent C. I have great respect for my Spanish speaking brothers and sisters to the south. One of the guys that killed el 22 shot himself when he found out. 160k members in the NarcoFootage community. r/NarcoFootage on Reddit: Picture of the ">. The biggest OG capo in Mexico's history. 5 bodies found in Mexicali valley and they assume more bodies will be discovered as they search the area. Claudia Ochoa Felix: @clau8af on Instagram. Shooting in offroad race in baja California : …. cjng vs GN in Villa Hidalgo. The public servants along with six other people are at the …. The right arm was broken and showed numerous lesions. But M2 was so hyped up by CJNG that they can't admit he is dead. a “El Pirata de Culiacán”, after he was shot and killed by Jalisco New Generation Cartel gunmen. First photo of Ovidio Guzmán since his capture January 5th. 5 Students Reportedly Lured by Fake Job Offer. dog eating balls of some muchacho. Juarez keep sending more dumb fuck people sons of bitches you will end up like this gentleman. Kidnapping, during a federal police operation in Zapopan. Lamadrid Soto, “El Delta”, the head boss of “Los Paredes”, working for “Los Chapitos”, (CDS) was arrested in Cancún QR, MX by the Mexican Marines and Interpol today. Imagine spending 18 years raising your son and him doing this shit. Guillermo González Calderoni describes how he captured Miguel Félix Gallardo. If I put you in a room and don't feed you for a week that's torture. 268K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. Just like CJNG can't admit Maguey is a drug addict screw up. Cartels in Hollywood : r/NarcoFootage. El Rojo jumped out of an apartment window and was shot in mid air in the back. The poor side of Mexico has long been extremely violent so local newspapers almost exclusively covered violent events, at least that's what happened in the 1800s. A gang is a group or society of associates, friends or members of a family with a defined leadership and internal organization that identifies with or claims control over territory in a community and engages, either individually or collectively, in illegal, and possibly violent, behavior. Looking for gang violence videos. I feel that the Marino Loko has the right to humiliate and kill narcos. Dude had some balls to sing a diss song despite threats against him. If the business is money, there is no use in all the extra effort around gorey torture pain deaths for social media. They have always been like that. Posted by u/Vida_Chueka - 1,854 votes and 173 comments. I browse this sub and other narco related blogs very infrequently and have …. It would be extremely hard to find an article that would have proof that a murder was because of a hit by a cartel, it’s pretty difficult for cops to figure out the motive of a murder if there’s no witnesses or leads at all so there’s no way of knowing it’d be. Warning: Not for the faint of …. On the outside; due to intricate pipes and tubes, the screams sounded like a …. They move people, sex slaves too, steal oil and gas and traffic avocados (no word of a lie). That is the story you hear about Funky town and people always claim to have seen the extended version but I don't believe them. So can anyone help me with some decent youtube channels documenting the cartel wars. You can find funk toen in reddit to. My aunt and uncle said he was involved with local organizations in the end. Canelo while Luis r sang some cds corrido. The Brazen Bull: a person is put inside a hollowed out bronze bull sculpture. Body left at the entrance to Coahuila today. Krazie y acabo de encontrar “Hispana”. lol they have quite a history of burning narcos/sicarios in guatemala. quick brief on how they were formed, peak, and downfall will be much appreciated. 13 year old Girl with Autism had to witness the beheading of her caregiver/ Grandmother by Cartel linked Drug Dealers who believed she was involved with the CDS in Drug trafficking. I dont think the kid did anything wrong. 90% of guns and ammo is traced back to the USA so they hire US residents to get them what they need. and one 34 year old Sicario dead. No because the cartels don't just move drugs. The white minivan crashed i to the red suv. Video of beheading by El chapo : r/NarcoFootage. Quien es el Piyi? : r/NarcoFootage. El chaparrito was the CJNG druglord and boss in Colima. Venezuela's Tocoron prison raided: 11,000 cops storm Venezuela prison: Find ZOO, casino, nightclub, pool, Supermarket, Bitcoin mining machines; Security forces raided the penitentiary Wed. Yeah the Main suspects for his death were recognized by PGR, Heriberto Lazcano Z-3(Killed by Naval Infantry in Nov, 2012) Oscar Guerrero Silva Z-8(Commited Suicide in Feb, 2004) Jesus Enrique Rejon Aguilar Z-7(Arrested in July, 2011) Luis Alberto Guerrero Reyes Z-5(Killed by Rivals or by men from his organization near Wild West Disco in Matamoros …. Stopping them shouldve taken place in the 80s. I would recommend reading about it though, it's a crazy story and not for the faint of. Retired federal drug agent Victor Cortez sometimes awakens at night, and he’s back in a Mexican jail cell. The very 1st cartel execution video I have ever seen was the chainsaw beheading in Sinaloa. A lot of narcos and goofy mfs are into santeria, wouldn't be surprised if some crazy fuck does some shit about it. Zeta's journalist Margarito Martínez killed today in Tijuana. That dude is really begging for trouble. Basically one new video of a guy getting his left leg chopped off at the knee, then the right. He also points out that his eyes were gouged out; the bones of 8 toes were cut, one of which was detached; the. Mature Content] r/NarcoFootage on Reddit: What's the most. He was arrested with a fully automatic glock, 50,000 mx, 3,878 kilograms of cocaine, two. He’s facing extradition charges for drug trafficking to Arizona and New Mexico, USA from the border city agua prieta, Sonora México. Mature Content] r/NarcoFootage on Reddit: what is the most …. Video starts looking like a farmers field at night. No one wants to be the one that gets shot trying to stop them. r/NarcoFootage • Ed Calderon Worked with The Arellano Felix Cartel In Tijuana from the beginning of his police career. Nah cdmx is safe dont go to back roads/dirt roads i even think its safe but better safe than sorry pretty chill city dont find trouble tho like dont film an cartel documentary or ask people about cartels lmaooo. r/NarcoFootage • by Melo_Pelan666 Ensenada📍 This morning a narcomanta was left saying it was the brothers Arzate(Rana y Aquiles) who ordered the attack on el Trébol(CAF) yesterday, which left 10 dead and 9 injured. ) in their recent vlog (skip to 11:13 since the rest of their vlog is them traveling). Apparently months ago 5 special soldiers died trying to to capture El Mencho, more details. Anybody know what the 19/100 means on el ninis hat. Mature Content] r/NarcoFootage on Reddit: The regional leader …. And in that moment of primal barbarity, they stripped away every ounce of his identity. but Carlos Rosales Mendoza aka el Tisico was killed in December, 2015 by the orders of Ignacio Andrade Rentería aka El Cenizo, leader of Los Templarios, it seems that el Tisico still moved a lot of weight within Michoacan state and was feared. Laredo CBP Officers Seize Narcotics Worth Over $53. 271K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. What happened to Blog del Narco? : r/NarcoFootage. 149 221 221 comments Best Add a Comment c2ny • 3 yr. Valheim Genshin Impact Minecraft Pokimane Halo Infinite Call of Duty: Warzone Path of Exile Hollow Knight: Silksong Escape from Tarkov Watch Dogs: Legion. r/NarcoFootage has some brutal pics/videos. r/NarcoFootage • by BenisGrabber5000 El Vergon A spider monkey got killed after a shootout between the Familia Michoacana cartel and police agents in Texcatitlan, Mexico. El Chikis ranch also got seized by government officials yesterday as well, itwhiz100. Just lots of cells with various power and structures. Some were reportedly found dead with signs of torture, so it’s safe to assume the rest suffered the same fate. He got introduced to his current connections by el chikillo mafias before he was murdered. (To put into context the 93 World Trade Center bomber got 240 years & the Boston bomber got way less time) Meanwhile a dude in Lubbock just killed his wife’s ex husband for wanting his son for his scheduled visitation and he wasn’t even charged. cartel del noreste kills a woman for not collaborating with them in Guanajuato ally del marro. r/NarcoFootage u/Great_Employee_7003 1d ago 12 Comments. 40 said that if he involved families then the Zetas would too, starting with his. 273K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. Permalink · More from r/NarcoFootage. Any good youtube channel's documenting the cartel wars? : r/NarcoFootage. Z40 got in contact to negotiate their release, so say. The guy they captured is CDS (Chapos), the guys holding them are La Plaza, I don’t think a video of their death was released though. To this day, we still don't know who the victim was, his backstory, his entire being was just squashed out of this world. Zhenli Ye Gon, a Chinese-Mexican businessman in 2007 Mexican federal agents raided his mansion and found more than $200 million dollars he supposedly was importing ephedrine and pseudoephedrine for the Sinaloa cartel through his pharmaceutical chemical company 1 / 11. ⋅ r/NarcoFootage The body of Edelio Lopez Falcon AKA El Yeyo after being killed on May 6, 2003. r/ElNarcoFootage: Footage from the ongoing law enforcement struggles in latin america focusing on the Mexican cartels. To begin, my knowledge about the drug cartels is from Narcos and some documentaries, so consider me a total noob. The authorities are calling on the population not to leave their homes and to protect themselves. Paramilitary gear is more akin to the middle of the country. His last moments alive at a concert. my grandfather and great-grandfather were killed by the leones in the 90s and i believe in the 2000s one of the higher-ups of the leones got burned alive by a bunch of citizens. My account was taken down that’s why I assume that. The Quran says 9:29 "fight those who do not believe in allah". r/NarcoFootage • by She-Hyucc-Me Comandante Metro 3 Photo of El Lazca with presumably Fanny Ortiz, a teenager allegedly kidnapped by Lazca to be his wife. 274K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. M2 was killed by the millitary from these last operations that happend in michoacan supposedly. There is one who is alive, one of the Del Fierro’s brother, i believe Ricardo Del Fierro. If I throw acid at you occasionally that's torture too. r/NarcoFootage • by Justacringyweeb The San Fernando Massacre one of the worst acts done by los zetas the murder of 72 migrants from central and south America. Like this dude was a human being just like the rest of us, he had friends, families ambitions. The next morning, when the autorities came, they found dozens of trucks, 21 corpses and 9 people alive, 6 of them, injured. Now I'm aware, that it wasn't always clean. El R1 chapos compadre was also their for a short period of time but he shared the plaza with MZ and he was arrested there so shows how much influence he actually had there. Translation (attempt) for the gringos: THEY ONLY ACCUSE "EL PLAGA" FOR AMMO PORTATION, HE COULD BE RELEASED IN 144 HOURS. r/NarcoFootage">The truth about cartels and Mexico as a whole : r/NarcoFootage. r/NarcoFootage • by raymundo_holding bad hombre Shortly after his release in 2013 Rafael met with all the heavy weights, they all came to pay him homage, the word is the guy next to him is a big fish from Colombia. There's an interrogation where they ask who is commandant is, why he is here, where his family is, and if they're also associated with the same cartel. Mature Content] r/NarcoFootage on Reddit: Graphic. Or when the cops turn them into the cartels couple be another method. Ahora si este hijo de puta no se va. Mature Content] r/NarcoFootage on Reddit: …. 1 guy speaking spanish to the camera. They were found in the South West side of San Antonio. El plaga has always been a dick rider. r/NarcoFootage • MX/Morogris visits city archives in Tamps to give us exclusive news mainly from older CDG. INTELLIGENCE AUTHORIZATION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 1999; Congressional Record Vol. Members of the Los Zetas cartel demanded Alejo hand over his ranch property on the 13th of November 2010, giving him 24 hours to comply. who was the victim in the funkytown video? : r/NarcoFootage by [deleted] NSFW who was the victim in the funkytown video? and why was he killed? i just watched the video and can't get out of my mind. Now, He Is Accused of Working for “El Chapo”; Genaro García Luna, Mexico’s top security official from 2006 to 2012; 5 Part Series by Pulitzer Prize winner Maria Hinojosa & Emmy Award winner Peniley Ramírez; 148. Local reports state the gunmen were affiliated with the #CJNG drug cartel. The first ever case of cartel propaganda was in ‘05 (Heard that from Gangland episode on los Zetas). A criminal identified as Nilton César Silva Aguiar was shot and died this Monday (20th) during an attempted robbery at a financial agency in São Mateus do Maranhão, a city located 180 km from São Luís. Was just caught at the wrong place. 280K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. They will act like the hero’s of the town but will turn a blind eye if its their cousins stealing or act stupid stealing trucks from working migrants returning from the US after working all year. 294K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. I was living in Reynosa when the split happened and for a a long time every time something like a kidnapping or killing of women and kids happens , cdg would just blame it …. May I add La Vida Mafiosa by Los Canelos de Durango, Jesus Malverde by Los Cadetes de Linares, Chuy y Mauricio by El Potro de Sinaloa, and La Manda Incumplida by El Komander. r/NarcoFootage • Posted by eldanielolimon99 This Kid is from city in Jalisco and was known to be part of the cartel and now he’s lost in Michoacán so most likely will end up in a video RIP. Dude killed a drug dealer and got 200 years. r/NarcoFootage u/Single-Coat-9376 2d ago 81 Comments. Escobar was working with the cia to distribute cocaine to the American public. This is a direct message to all the cartels brought to you in part by the big bad cdn especially to you, you piece of shit aka "charro" and "polo" from el cartel de la linea from Cd. 283K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. el Tisico was freed from Prison in May, 2014 just three months after Nazario Moreno González was killed. Quite a lot of blow for years indeed. - The Mexican Army arrested Enrique López Acosta, alias "El Cumbias", an important leader of Gente Nueva, the armed wing of the Sinaloa …. r/NarcoFootage2: Backup for r/NarcoFootage. At the end he starts falling and they keep shooting him. Explore Narco Footage (r/narcofootage) community on Pholder | See more posts from r/narcofootage community like Came across some mainstream American . The real number of casualties is still unknown, but it could be more than 60. r/NarcoFootage • by ChrisM707 CJNG territory map. He’s been discussed a lot the past few days. r/ActualNarcoFootage: Actual Narco Footage. It was my work in the security field that attracted me to Mexico, specifically Mexico City. dude on far left looks to be the youngest. Has there been cartel hits in the US? : r/NarcoFootage. Don’t know if it was for a debt or anything. No clue who the victim was, but the video really shouldn't even be allowed on any clearnet sites. Calderoni was one of the highest ranking commanders in the Mexican Federal Police and was its top narcotics officer during the Carlos Salinas administration. They sodomized him with a flaming hot piece of iron if I remember correctly. I do believe that the same dudes made another video kicking severed heads about, etc. Technically a bunch of corridos talk about past pistoleros. I’ll give you dick rider you weak cunt you know shit you fucking dog Whinging cunts like you always pissing and moaning about cartels why don’t you fuck off and watch peppa pig you little bitches who the fuck made you a leading authority on cartels you pathetic little dog anyway fuck off and hide under your mums skirt you piss weak little bitch. if at least i had knowledge, i could calm my wandering mind. Are there any other Mexican Spanish female rappers y’all can put me on? Se los…. Picture of the 4 americans that we’re kidnapped and killed in matamoros. Was one of the main founders of Los Antrax and El Chinos friend. Just like mothers from certain Asian countries push their children to excel academically to the point where they are called “tiger mothers”, Mexican mothers can also be held responsible (partially) for the way their sons act in adulthood, especially …. This video is actually hard to watch even if you can't see what is going on when they are killing her, simply because of the noises she makes, how she cries in pain and how long it took to finish her because the sick fucks were using a …. This girl in the photo was the one who ordered the kidnapping of two elements of the army after her mother Rosalinda (Menchos wife) was arrested. From my understanding, he broke off CJNG in '17 and joined El Cholo to fight El Mencho in Jalisco, Guadalajara specifically. r/NarcoFootage • by Longjumping-Cat-6856 Has a couple corridos and looks like he got busted with 1 ton in 2011 and had to do with the death of a guy in a Bentley years ago. The way CJNG social media are acting, trying to deny it, makes it seem more likely to me. I was wondering if anyone has any real evidence proving he’s a fake and a liar, or if anyone has evidence proving he’s actually an Antrax member. That format, informally called "nota roja", became popular and similar newspapers with wider circulation surged in the 1900s. Funkytown This one is the most fcked up torture ive seen. 298K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. GameStop Moderna Pfizer Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca Walgreens Best Buy Novavax SpaceX Tesla. 38 super 1911s, an assault rifle (don’t know which one), and a p90 smg. It’s dark and violent but also touching and tragic. I don't like to look in one place. Drug cartels control more than 20% of Mexico according to. I think everyone is scared of losing their freedom permanently. They named themselves gente nueva. Mario González vs la bola 8 going at it again. I’ve been posting here for years and even did an AMA with mod verification. BREAKING NEWS: Oil 🛢️ and the unending desire for Democracy was just discovered in Matamoros, Mexico. El chapo sons should sue the government for harassment and killing ovidio daughter. So the story goes that they were being chased and there was a shooting. The 'Quiero Agua' video has CJNG leader El Payaso taunting a (supposedly) CU member with his face flayed. Valentin Elizalde would step on stage for the last time. im looking for videos of drive by's, shootouts, ect. N95 Respirators, Surgical Masks, Face Masks, and Barrier. Along with his other associates, his body was dumped in Sinaloa. He said that Lehder still had over a billion dollars. The man screamed and begged to be killed. They literally turned into a weapon trafficking criminal organization. r/NarcoFootage: A community for discussion about Mexican Cartels. Los Flechas 🏹& Operativa Mz Rollcall. my dad was in the SEDENA (Mexican Army) in 1984-1988 and he said whenever you’re battling against sicarios being in the military makes you do Crazy Shit and torture the narcos in order to avenge the innocent people. There's probably video out there and there's images online that showed the fate of the captured. Mature Content] r/NarcoFootage on Reddit: 3 tons of …. Justacringyweeb Franklin Olguín Velázquez “El Frankie” member of the infamous "Los Antrax" died in confrontation with the Mexican military in 2011. The problem with Mexico is their system of democracy. Mexican Navy units entered the property to find a deserted house partially destroyed by bullet holes and grenade explosions. All of them shits I seen are the worst. The cartel has a stranglehold on lots of things you’d never even think about. My Experience so Far : r/NarcoFootage. Manuel Buendia was a Journalist and Political columnist who exposed the corruption by the Law enforcement and government, organized crime, drug trafficking also the CIA covert operations in Mexico. Dicks out for Harambe & El Changuito then. 171k members in the NarcoFootage community. 267K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. In fact, his wife will be on probation for four years after her release. CU/Viagras probably went to go look at the aftermath and took pics seeing that the body looks like its been there for a few days. These guys had to be well trusted men. He rounded up the farm workers and ordered them to take the next day off. And it is a definite tactic to do fucked up shit and blame it on the other side when you can’t beat them in a more traditional way so …. It was recorded and left for the Russian army in 1996, then it was the first beheading video that surfaced online in ‘02. r/NarcoFootage • by vipstrippers Members of the Mexican National Guard were disarmed and removed from their base in Comalapa, Chiapas, by a group of armed men. The pictures were found in a dron the marines found in a small laboratory a week ago. The Zacatecas flaying video is horrible and brand new. Narco Messages Firefights Seizings Narcos Show-off Law Show-off Aftermaths Events. This isn’t a CJNG person, this was one of el Chikis men that crossed CJNG and started working with CDS (Zambada) el Chikis allegedly died yesterday along with this person and others. Warning: Not for the faint of heart. r/NarcoFootage • by skeletor_thagawd The body of local social media star Juan Luis Rosales, a. that would 100% make sense, go into treatment (maybe even helped/funded by the cartel), complete the program, then "work" for them after as some sort of promise of steady employment. Search Reddit posts and comments - see average sentiment, top terms, activity per day and more. I think they just want to sound cool and like they have seen something hardly anyone else has. The upper part of his skull is exposed and they pour alcohol directly on a fresh burn and the dude has no reaction to it or being lit on fire. The capture and gruesome torture took place this weekend. You can probably find it on YouTube. [WARNING] May contain GRAPHIC CONTENT aimed to . 1 subreddits, 1 subreddits Avg. The leaders of the country are on the drug lords payrolls. this is a picture of his father. This was the narco-trend back then. Before I got a chance to leave the lobby I overheard something on the "TV" and I turned to look, and it was a person laying with hands tied behind his back, while one person was holding his head down with their foot, another …. The body of "El Rojo", a bodyguard of Arturo Beltrán Leyva who was killed during the operation that resulted in Arturo's death. There’s one one where a boy was laying on the ground, sort of propped up on the torso of his headless father, and he (the boy) was getting flayed alive. 248K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. Magda Kralka, the infamous girl-boss of a notorious drug football firm from Kraków, dealt with cartel emissaries and residents, and made pacts regarding massive drug smuggling, but I couldn't confirm which cartel (s) they were - probably Sinaloa or Clan del Golfo. As you may know, Valentín Elizalde Valencia was a singer of the "norteño" genre, not especially corridos. Discover videos related to narcofootage reddit on TikTok. As they say in Mexico Silver or lead take their money or take the cartels bullets. Zhenli Ye Gon, a Chinese-Mexican businessman in 2007 Mexican federal agents raided his mansion and found more than $200 million dollars he supposedly was importing ephedrine and pseudoephedrine for the Sinaloa cartel through his pharmaceutical chemical company 1 …. It happened regularly in the Holocaust among other genocides and atrocities. 279K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. r/NarcoFootage • by eduardo_ve I believe corrido band Fuerza Regida was at a private cartel party (blurred faces, guns, censored words, etc. Glad I haven't seen most of these. Like Escobar, Ecuador's drug lords build 'narco-zoos' Police seized more than 6,800 wild animals in 2022 and nearly 6,000 in 2021 in Ecuador, one of the world's most biodiverse countries. El Cholo was subjected to brutal torture methods, And they point out he was still alive when he was being burned by high voltage clamps. According to Heath’s report on the autopsy, cadaver number one, as the Red Cross doctors labeled it, was that of a muscular Hispanic male in his thirties, with black hair and dark brown eyes. There’s a reason the deadliest 5 cities today are in mexico, and it isn’t because mexicans are more deadly than others. Drake & Josh remix about to be lit. Puncake_DoubleG09 El Jefe de Plaza • 9 mo. A gang is a group or society of associates, friends or members of a family with a defined leadership and internal organization that identifies with or claims control over territory in a community and engages, either individually or collectively, in illegal, …. Powerup to unlock perks for r/NarcoFootage. It was such a big deal because they thought the person being beheaded, was the girl dancing on the video. This real , saw it on Instagram but doubt it is. One year ago Raul Enriquez former Xolos de Tijuana striker pleaded guilty for human trafficking, two mexican women agreed to pay between $15,000 and $18,500 to be brought into the US, Border agents asked him where he was headed and he responded he was going to play soccer in Santa Ana, CA. When DR was describing it I thought he was going to be going right up next to the dude but he’s a few feet away. View 1 048 pictures and enjoy NarcoFootage with the endless random gallery on Scrolller. Fuck being the last guy to be killed, waiting and watching all your friends being chopped up and knowing what’s going to happen to you. Why is there a Rip el chapo flair but El Chapo is still alive?. Also, the fat guy known as el 80 it is part of los rusos. El Changuito was a spider monkey owned by a member of La Familia Michoacana that was killed during a shootout with Mexican authorities in June 2022 alongside his owner. Un joven que recién había regresado de Estados Unidos, donde estuvo de inmigrante y alardeaba desde sus redes sociales de pertenecer a un cártel y adorar a la Santa Muerte, fue ejecutado a tiros este lunes. Anyone has the link for the telegram? My thought on the death of M2, the man doomed to fail his "daddy", as he calls him, Mencho. Bystander view of a shootout in Guanajuato, México. r/NarcoFootage • by agente_provocador Picture of the first Narco execution video from 2005. It covers most of the most well known events kinda neutrally and I put a lot of emphasis on the kinda part but the entire show is deepthroating chapo super hard. Idk about 10 but Guerrero flaying, Funky Town and Ghost rider are my top 3. There are two torture victims in that video and the guy at the end is the second victim. If you look up los chapitos posada 2021 you’ll see them there! Probably means he can only hit the target 19 out of 100 shots,and from what I've seen,that's about right. Reddit">Guerrero Flaying A. 287K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. 9/2/2009 - Aliviane rehabilitation center in Ciudad Juazez. Someone posted this video a couple days ago and said he was a sicario for mayo’s faction and sang at work fiestas with compas or whenever they’d drink. But the last dude was squirming and crying/screaming. Reports say the victim was taken to a ranch near Tepalcatepec, where his face was doused with isopropyl alcohol and set afire. Will the cds ever be in Puebla,Veracruz. les pong otra jalle - some guy is killed in the wood in the night. According to Borderlandbeat, on Friday August 11th, 2023 a group of five friends traveled to the Lagos de Moreno lookout point at Mirador de La Santa Cruz where they planned to meet up with a man. The other dude just gets boot fucked. He could of been or was probably just some rich local laundering money for them and dude feels powerful. 45 per 100,000 citizens in 2006 and in 2020 it was 50. The stories about the brutality of the aztecs was meant to justify the total destruction and genocide that took place. Posted by u/chickentits97 - 100 votes and 22 comments. On of them had a Chucky tattoo with a bullet proof vest with the “CJNG” inicial. Chalino killed a man that raped his sister and left to the states. Before I got a chance to leave the lobby I overheard something on the "TV" and I turned to look, and it was a person laying with hands tied behind his back, while one person was holding his head down with their foot, another "person" was using a hunting knife to carve into the. El P1 De La Lima : r/NarcoFootage. Welcome to Hell: Inside El Salvador mega prison where 12,000 gang members are held… & plead for more food and medicine for the terminally ill dying around them; Opened in Feb,2023 Counter-Terrorism Confinement Centre (CECOT) mega-prison Capacity of 40,000; Homicide rates tumbled 56. Former DEA agent haunted by torture. Mature Content] r/NarcoFootage on Reddit: These four people …. @mxbelico2 on Instagram @xxryderkanexx on Instagram @ElSobrinoJr on Twitter. 236K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. The last picture its his younger brother Sergio “Checo” Vazquez his doing 25 to life in a California prison. 1 video where clearly teenage boys giggle when heart jumps in their palm, also another 'wrestling with an arm cut off'. The large majority of cartel members are super poor, and the pay sucks for 90%. 4 members of Los Zetas interrogated by La Barbie , a members of the Beltran-Leyva group. He smacked his face into the steering wheel. It’s been 28 years, but he still can hear his interrogator’s boots squeak on the floor. 225K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. r/NarcoFootage on Reddit: “Su nombre no se ">. The narrator gets things so badly wrong. Ovidio is a NarcoJunior who's been calling attention to himself by driving around Culiacan and not trying to hide in his rancho or anything else. There was a video where a man whose face was peeled begging for water while being interrogated. 222k members in the NarcoFootage community. r/NarcoFootage • by Looksee1333 Does anyone have knowledge of a Mexican singer know as El Makabelico having connections with any members of some cartels or being a cartel member himself. Browse 1,064 drug cartel videos and clips available to use in your projects, or search for drug cartel mexico to find more footage and b-roll video clips. The thief got what he deserve but cartel is full of shit when it comes to morals. Ah yes, that definitely looks like Escobar in 1980, when he would be about 30. Second, from what they forced him to say, they are clearly trying to send a message to the locals that CJNG are the good guys and Cholo and his gang are the bad guys. Kid was still conscious, though fatigued (wonder why) pleading for them to stop. Had to stop that shit i thought i was evil or something but realized it was watching gore. Log in or sign up to leave a comment. NarcoFootage) submitted 5 hours ago by Dinglederple. Update of the Five kidnapped teens. The autopsy of Valentin Elizalde. Not like the eyes naturally fell in that position, but alert, looked at the person saying. I especially love La Manda Incumplida because El Komander witnessed the outcome of the events and wrote about it. r/NarcoFootage • by edwin85 Rare photo of the army special operations team, Fuerza Especial de Reaccion ( FER ), arriving at the airport moments after a gun-battle and capturing the iconic leader of the Gulf Cartel, Osiel Cardenas, who was protected by former army commandos in 2003 @ Tamaulipas, Mexico [717x328]. " This prompted Nacho to ordered the execution of the alleged assassins who were …. If you want to completely stop giving them money. No, i Just read that was released in order to move him to another type of custody, or to another autorithy , sorry for my english. 191k members in the NarcoFootage community. If I deprive you of sleep that's torture. 232K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. I'm happy to say the Sub description loaded before any of the pics and I was able to make a hasty retreat. Aztecs worshipped a goddess of death named Mictecacihuatl. Officer: Sir, you know me you know I’m a real friend. You can’t fall asleep when you’re a meth addict lol. There tentacles run deep globally. Official reports from the era avoided gory details (obviously), and people aren't too eager to talk about it. There might be a few in between there the head honchos, lieutenant's tend to be family/close friends that over see whole cities along with financial operators who tend to be pretty up there, then break's down to plaza bosses, plaza bosses tend to have armed wings/sicarios who have a "chief of security", then the bottom of the barrel which I believe you covered. Legalising drugs won't do anything but make a small dent in a well oiled criminal machine. 177k members in the NarcoFootage community. My personal top 60 narcocorridos in no particular order-. 80% of it is fake and that's probably being generous. 277K subscribers in the NarcoFootage community. Prosecutors have asked the court to reject evidence “depicting. Browse 109 authentic narco stock videos, stock footage, and video clips available in a variety of formats and sizes to fit your needs, or explore narcotics or mexico drugs stock …. Others are suggesting non-narco-corridos by Los. However this gun is rather unique due to its barrel length. There is always the one guy who takes the prank too far. He says what cartel he's from but not who currently leads it. With those cameras they can easily identify who is where and when. The homicide rate of Zacatecas MX was 3. He had apparently taken it upon himself to attend several "tactical training" courses before applying with the company. Mature Content] r/NarcoFootage on Reddit: Diego Amando …. REVOLT_AGAINTS_THE_EVIL_WORLD. I've never had a problem with most internet gore, considering humans have been torturing each other since the beginning of time and I've accepted that there is true evil in the world. Powerup to unlock perks for r/NarcoFootage Become a Hero. Yeah not better, literally today a bunch of semis were set a blaze in mayor freeways, Fresnillo - Zacatecas and Zacatecas - Villanueva, tire poppers were set in the road Jerez - Zacatecas and the military blockage in the freeway Jerez - Zacatecas was closed off, also some prisoners escaped the prison in Cieneguillas. It's unfortunately pretty easy to find though. Mencho: Well that’s what lies might fuse! I understand you got family on the line n’ shit, get your fucking shit together. Also there was a innocent civilian killed due to the shooting’s. There was one guy from the infamous group "los anthrax" wich were hitmen for sinaloa cartel and he went to a world cup and was active on social media he also had some sort of relationship with "paris hilton" and would attend fights and other events i think his name was "el chino anthrax" he was a bad mfkr they were savages. Mexican government is a POS and lost its potential of being a world superpower with electing corrupt presidents. r/NarcoFootage • Posted by javisxjettin Posted on IG by Piyuyi from Grupo Cartel and reposted by other known corrido composers, apparently no corridos about Ovidios arrest are being allowed…translation in comments.