Lion King Wattpad Lion King WattpadAzure Lion smirks and says that they have a deal, the lion takes out a peace of the scroll and he release Monkey King. "You can't win, Scar!" a lion told another lion that was evil. Initially, Banzai and his clan lived in exile from the Pride Lands. Ono is nearly losing his mind at how utterly oblivious Beshte is. Nala And Simba Mating Fanfic. Kion's Difficult Life, a lion king fanfic. There's very little to be done. King Kion & Queen Rani ( Rulers Of by 𝒯𝒾𝓈𝓎𝒶 🦋 127K 1K 55 Adventures of Kion and Rani as King and Queen of the Tree Of Life with their pride , Day Pride and Night Pride. Download Rating: Mature Archive Warning : Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Categories: F/M Other Fandoms: The Lion King (1994) The Lion Guard (TV) The Lion …. She sprint to a near by tree and back. Months have gone by since the defeat of the tyrannical Scar and the rise of Simba as the new king. Will this new lioness prove to be an asset to the Lion Guard or will she be much more. Katherine had never thought that she- a simple human girl; dragged into a series of unfortunate eve Cyber Outcast. Simba had left this morning with father to explore the pride lands. Size matters in the animal kingdom with lions being the second largest cat in the worl. This is a continuation of The Lion King: Katie's Magical Journey. He then found out who his real father was. You know the rules Kovu," He said as he slammed his cock inside, cause me to gasp and slide forward. The Lion Guard: King of Outremer by Fictionknight2. The Lioness Human Girl, a lion king fanfic. Chapter 1: King Kovu and Queen Kiara's Reign begins!. Izuku Midoriya, AKA The Green Poison, was an assassin for years until one day he gets a mission that he knows will be his last mission, and his last day on …. I felt like going back to sleep when my mum suddenly called from downstairs. Did Mufasa or Scar ever get along? Are there any drama and love involved?? READ TO FIND OUT!!! #circleoflife #disney #lionking. I am such a HUGE FAN over the Lion King movies and have all three of them on dvd at home 💕 lol. Find out who's being exiled in the story and TLGZ are i. After a while Scar and his mate Zira arrived and also joined together eating with each other. One Punch Man: Hero's Harem (Fanfic). Kovu and Kiara are the new rulers of the Pridelands and have had 3 cubs: Koda, Leah and Asha. "Nala," called Simba as he leaped over a rock and landed close to Nala's den. Ok so a real fact about me is I'm obsessed with the Lion King. Alternate universe where the lion guard doesn't exist. Wattpad App - Read, Write, Connect. That's All I'm Going To Spill (: Again, You Guys Rock. "You mean that I will actually see the little one, I just can't believe it. This story is based on the 1994 movie but with the adaptation of the characters of the new one that will be released in the summer of 2019. Wattpad Picks; Editors' Choice This is the third book to my second Lion King series, "The Lion King: Makosa's Beginning. " Nala said through clenched teeth "And it's time for yours. The Cause of Evil : Scar x Reader by Helen. The Lion King, featuring krbk, a tad bit of the bakusquad, and like, a smidge of izuku. Dinosaur King: Ancient Frost by Switchtoon97. And tonight I was feeling gracious, so I waited at the border for my mate. When they are called to take up the legacy of the warriors that came before them, they must. What happened when Scar was the King? What did Nala go through growing up in such a dark moment of the Pridelands history? How did Nala become Simba's Queen? Who is Kopa?. But their happiness soon turns to worry when they find that Zira also has a new arrival. Lion King: Scar's Reign (editing). But she left her cub in the pride lands knowing she'd be found and taken good care of. Read the most popular lovelionking stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. He is standing on Pride Rock's tall long ledge. RWBY x Emiya male reader by BloodHawk23 with 548 reads. " In the last book you have witness both brother's Heri and Makosa growing up and becoming adults in …. Wild herds stood ignoring the wet weather eating on tall green grass. The lion replied looking shocked. We can't even play until mommy comes back home from her hunt. The Sins of the Past by Volcanicdramon. "My words are a matter of pride. Lil Dicky Now look at all these muthafucka. I'd don't think Disney would kill the character off so here I a possible way of handling Kion. Now he and the guard are traveling to the Tree Of Life. #ahadi #aisha #mufasa #taka #uru. Wattpad Picks; Editors' Choice; This is the third book to my second Lion King series, "The Lion King: Makosa's Beginning. Find out what happens to the duo and their little surprise; their first-born cub. - written for the Heroes Ever After free pdf zine [6321 WORDS]. "My diamond, go back to sleep" the large, brown lion rolled over, away from the cub. They are surprised to find that a mysterious group of lions who live . Kovu and Kiara have 5 This is story if Nala died. It starts raining and one of them, Koda, gets lost. In the wilds of Africa, an infant child survived a plane crash and became a princess of the pride of lions in the Pride Lands. Mufasa, Taka, and their little sister Aisha were all sons and daughters of King Ahadi and Queen Uru and it's time to hear their stories. " Nala looked down at the small ball of fur between her paws. Kopa's life is pretty normal at fir Rossi has spent his life working. I have a new son to tend to," Zira stated as she returned to bathing Kovu. Chaper 1: I Just Can't Wait To Be King. Love Beyond Reasons by MiraculousDragonMaster. Rani is gender bent into Ryon Since Ryon became king, Kion and his friends decided to stay. Atticus is given free plane tickets to visit Africa and the guests of his choosing. I ran out of the cave, only to bump into kion and bunga. Sequel to Atem X Reader ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ After 5000 years of floating around the dark, (name) has seen a mysterious door that she opens only to arrive in present day, Domino City yami. The Crimson Lion King from the story The Very Best Of The Very Worst by Hambo_Again (Hambo) with 45 reads. Read the most popular humanlionguard stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Now Rani's gestational age is 3 months old which means the baby on her belly will arrive at the world soon. All the commotion was about the latest birthing of the new lion cubs for the great pride. Till the new professor comes in and decides to teach the Golden Deer classroom. The poor cub had gotten only a couple hours of sleep the night before and wasn't too keen on waking up just yet. Mufasa sat alongside Scar as the two watched life in this world they new continue on. Princess Kiara and Prince Kion live in the Pride Lands, with Kiara destined to become the future Queen, whi weareone. Wattpad Picks; Editors' Choice; This is the real story about what happened after the lion king 2. Beginning with the tales of King Mohatu and Queen Huruma, follow the journey of the Pride Lands and its rulers and discover the answers to all the questions you have ever wondered about The Lion King franchise. Kali gets plane tickets to Africa and invites her friends to come with her. He is a prince of the Pridelands and Simba’s Pride. With a dark past and a darker future, he had given up on love. After Kion and Ono receive injuries in the final battle against the ghost of Scar and his army, Rafiki instructs the Lion Guard to take them to the Tree of Life so that they may receive healing. Read the most popular watchingthemovies stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. They had three beautiful cubs, two females, and one boy; Shani, Nama, and Chaka. Asami and Korra leave for their vacation through the spirit portal but fi. This is the second book to my second Lion King series added to "The Lion King: Makosa's Beginning". Fuli is Kion's friend and later his second in command, a former member of the Lion Guard and a current member of the Night Pride at the Tree of Life. I Broke into the Alpha's House by Nadine Abu Treef. Everyone is overjoyed, especially Fuli, one of Kion's closest friends. The Lion Guard: The Roar of Dawn by. lionking; mufasa; about +17 more # 2. "Well, good morning Kion," Rani says with a smile. You slurped a few bugs and burped as you laid down beside Simba,Pumba, and Timon. Thankfully, the two twins, Lillian and Lyla, ma. The name of the lion in the book series The Chronicles of Narnia is Aslan. Oct 17, 2016 - Read Queen Nala from the story Scar and Nala : The Untold Story by HakunaMatataMia (Mia) with 1,778 reads. (THIS STORY IS DISCONTINUED DUE TO NO INSPIRATION AND PURE LAZINESS) This is the sequel to the first "Lion King Family" story. What his own mother thought of him was painful. The Lion King: Break Free Fanfiction. Both he and Leona were waiting for him in the lion's room, Grim also waiting. It was another beautiful 83 degree day in the Pridelands. Kion wore only a pair of under trousers and clutched the worn blanket as his sole source of warmth. But together will they deal with the misery and pain that comes ahead) (The bases mypride. Wattpad Picks; Editors' Choice; Aether Viato Pendragon and Mordred Pendragon are both children of the famous Lion King otherwise known as Artoria Pendragon. The final steps of the newest Lion Guard. It belongs to the host who oversees the Seven Duels of Swordbeauties Championship Match, where contenders must fight with swords in hand, dressed in their best swimsuits, to make wonderful summer …. Kion and Rani have defeated the darkness in the north and restored peace to the Tree of Life. It was strange to think one day they would fight to be king but that held no import scar. The Lion King: Six New Adventures. Read the most popular kionandrani stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. However, Lost Prince Kopa has a second chance of living granted by the Great Kings who thought his death was. His friends were Fuli the Cheetah, Bunga the Honey Badger, beshte the Hippo, and Ono the cattle egret. Lion King Family 2 (Discontinued). Dabi was staring at at Toga and Twice who were reenacting The Lion King with Satomi as Simba. Before they fade away, a smile plastered on their face and they are gone knowing that queen Rani and king Kion will rule the tree of life just fine …. Read Wrath of the Lion King from the story Hero of Remnant. #3- in Danmachi November 14 2020. The main plot about my story: Jasiri and Janja's relationship after a runaway from mysterious lions, and Kion must hide Jasiri and Janja from his dad Simba or else the two. The wise creature, whilst their royal advisor, was also a friend they held dearly in their hearts. She has blue eyes like Mia, who loves her new little sister and cousin. " I know that your powers of retention are as wet as a warthog's backside. Their existence was known only by the Yokai Faction and the …. The Lion King: Scar's Reign (editing). Pikachu and The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride. Lions are the majestic mammals known for strength and power. She is the daughter of Sãhasí and Ãnanda, the elder sister of Baliyo, and the mate of Kion. Powerful abilities over darkness and shadow to either save or destroy. After the news came that one of your best friends Simba sadly died, it crushed you but you were happy to see your father become king, but his way of leader …. Led by Kion and Rani, they were entrusted with the sacred duty of protecting the Tree and all the creatures that sought its healing powers. Pikachu and The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride is Pokemon/Disney crossover it appeared on FanFiction and Wattpad January 8th 2022 In the Pride Lands of Africa, King Simba and Queen Nala's daughter, Kiara, becomes annoyed with her father's overprotective parenting. [ old af; read at you Simba X Reader. " Ruggie says when Ezera returned to the dorm building. This the life of scars daughter from lion king. But when the group of little adventurers wander away from the tour bus, they discover a place called the Pr. Thx!!! this book is honestly very cliche Wattpad so if that's what you like then go ahead lmao. It will take the united front of both the expedition, and the Pridelanders, to right a past wrong, discover the shared history that brought them together, and most importantly, save the Pridelands from catastrophe. Note that the Disney characters such as Zira, Scar, Sarabi etc. He took the baby back to the proud parents. The lion cub began to tear up as his head craned up to witness the very legend that every animal in the Pride Lands or Outlands had nightmares over: Kaa the Rock Python. Read the most popular nuka stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Simba has grown to both trust and like Kovu. I'll love you for a thousand more. This story is about an orphan cub found on the edge of the pride lands. The five of them spend their time exploring the Pridelands and getting into mischief. " I open back my eyes and scanned around my surroundings. However, this paradise is soon shattered when King Kion mysteriously disapp. New Life, New Story Chapter 1: Long Live the King, a lion. The Lion King: Kovu and Kiara-New Beginnings Fanfiction. You are the son of Scar and have never met your mother. Fear and anxiety came in her doorstep, afraid of being a failure to her family. Zach150 has made a reaction fic on Wattpad with the author's permission. THE LION KING: THE HEART OF ZION. Just so you know I will use lio. Along with that someone else will return, changing. - CLOSED - **To know what's going on, you'll want to read my first Lion Guard story: The Lion Guard: The Search for the Roar of Light** Now that Shadow, the evil lion who killed Rani's parents is gone, there's been lots of offspring and some royal gossip due to the three new royal cubs that arrived at the Tree of Life. Mainly leaving Taka out, so Taka used to be the leader of the Lion Guard. The Human Stranger By: Jimboy21 A young teenage human is the lone survivor of a plane crash and must find a new way of life in The Pride lands. Read Young Simba from the story Lion King by Greedlerbot19 (💔Kim💔) with 102 reads. Broody pushes play on the movie and we all sit there watching the movie. Here is my first and new story, This story is actually fan-made, a story I wanted the creators to make but it's not so. The Lion King: Adopted By Simba by covid_stinky. However no one believes him and by the time the truth PRIDE. The Lion King/Guard : Survive from Death. After a forbidden romance, Nirmala was forced to leave her one true love. The reader was pushed beyond her breaking-point, and wishes for a new life. Read Lion king from the story Obsessed. Within Fate/Grand Order Arcade, she manifests as a Lancer-class. "Long live the Queen! To rule The Pride Lands! Protect our land and keep it free from sorrow and from strife!" Fuli sings. Makini (The Lion King) Anga (The Lion King) Multiple Crossovers. Slightly at odds with her adult self, young Shenzi sports a sallow brown pelt, a pale gray chest, …. It's Called, "The Lion King: Outsider's Tale". Now the rest of the Guard need Completed. Falling for a Lioness Rewriten Chapter 1: Welcome to the. King Kion and Queen Rani roar continously to their heart's content and they stop the roar gradually. I wanted to do this for a while. Kiara was a teenager that wants to be a scientist and Kion was skilled teenage martial arts and Kovu was a college student tha #kionxfuli4362. Read Lion King from the story Lost Inside by Drunk_Breadstick (Alexa) with 12,287 reads. One day, Simba decided to lead a suprise attack on the Tree Of Life, this time h Completed. Takes place post season five of She-Ra and post Book 4 of LOK. Just pretend that the lion in the picture is a actual girl White lion. Nala is just so horny that she doesn't know what to do. CrACkHeAd EnErGy(BTS TeXt). The Jamazon Tribe wear garments made up of animal skins, including big cats. I recently posted a drawing of the Lion Guard as human kids, and now here they are as teenagers! I had so much fun doing them as kids that I had to do them as teens too. New King and Chief/ Hakuna Matata Pt1. "No Aunt Fuli watch this" said Nandi. Dalila I pace myself back and forth. Apr 16, 2021 - Pues tengo demasiadas imágenes hacique aquí las compartir co ustedes :3. Kovu has managed to join Simba's pride, and has never been happier. Simba's Brother Apollo: Lion King by LegolasG5*. Kion and Rani: The War By A Curse by Keely Irwin. " now young one, tell me what happened to you out there. with his phone connected to a Bluetooth speaker Jason pressed play on the "circle of life" beginning song from the lion king movie. disney, circleoflife, lionking. While out on a early morning walk Scar discovers a human infant he takes the infant and raises the infant as his own cub even though the infant is human but when Mufasa is killed and the human prince and his adopted cousin are force to leave it’ll be up to this human to takes its place. A twister picked the lion and lionesses. Stories included: -Mohatu's Reign -Ahadi's Reign (Which is majorly the story of Taka and Mufasa) -Scar's Reign (What happened while he was king of Pride Rock) -Kopa's Story (Tells about Simba's first son, Kopa) -Kiara. Rani doesn't know he killed her parents yet and plans to kill K thelionking. "Daddy wake up! Please let's go get out you can teach me to hunt!" I shout while pulling at my dads ear. "You're so beautiful, Nala," Scar murmured, his voice surprisingly soft. Kopa's life is pretty normal at first but suddenly his life takes a turn for the worst. My mouth is hung open with shock. He bit his tongue in an attempt to keep. Her sharp blue eyes scanned the cub as her heart filled with overwhelming joy. Taka wanted to be king, so he started to try to get his brother in danger to kill him as a cub. The Adventure Kids meet the Lion King Fanfiction. He is a high-ranking member of Shenzi's clan, along with his companion Ed. When they lose Leah, their fourth born, things get complicated. Mario and Luigi's Adventures Of The Lion King. Now in this book, we are going to fast forward a bit of time to see where the two are now in their lives ☺️. Read the most popular lionking kopa stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Read stories about #discovery, #crossover, and #chumvi on Wattpad, recommended by SomeWeirdness. #the lion king x reader on Tumblr. Thomas had a love for dragons while Alex had an obsession with Lions. What other adventures did they have besi The lost cub. He engages in a lengthy and introspective conversation with his Inky Demon, a mysterious entity that had been separated from the cursed scroll. The Lion King: Adopted By Simba. (If you're someone who never watches The Lion Guard, the Completed. Read the most popular kovuandkiara stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social. Join Kion and his Lion Guard as they travel to a faraway Kingdom and meet his be Completed. *Warning* There will be some mature scenes when Mione is grown up. All the animals cheered with joy. But I think I’ll share it here aswell, since I know people who prefer this site and I want my fanfics to get out there. Looking into the Pridelands, from his new home the Outlands. After losing her parents at a young age to a murderous lion and facing abuse from her mean spirited aunt, a young African-Romani woman named Shani runs away from her village and ends up wandering off in the Savannah. " I said "Come on, I just heard about this great place. While hunting, Fuli is taken away from Kion, her mate. Also, I don't own the rights to the photos I us. A/N: I OWN NOTHING! Shout out to my beta GraceoftheFlower. Lionguardfanfiction Stories. I asked:"you had a little talk with Kiara didn't you" he said:" yes I did but it's alright". In the novels, Aslan is regarded as the king of Narnia. Read stories about #circleoflife, #lionking, and #disney on Wattpad, recommended by Toothlessfly. The monkey looks around and he sees at Azure Lion and glares at the lion, but the lion just smirks and tells Wukong about MK deal. Goddess Rhongomyniad (女神ロンゴミニアド, Megami Rongominiado?), also known as the Lion King (獅子王, Shishi-Ō?), is the wandering goddess version of Artoria Pendragon from the same world as the alternate world Bedivere. This story is set after the episode Can't Wait to Be Queen I hope you enjoy. Kion x Rani, Kiara x Kovu, Kopa x Vitani. A Tale of Two Brothers by Alex Simmons Nala's Dare by Joanne Barkan Vulture Shock by. However, when Scar killed Mufasa and …. As Scar prepares to carry out his plan, a precious surprise is born. She currently serves as the Strongest member of the Lion Guard. Simba watched as his daughter ran. Kion looks at the lioness in her deep sleep. The Lion King AU Episode 1. But when the group of little adventurers wander away from the tour bus, they discover a place called the Pride Lands where they meet a young lion cub named Simba who's destined to become the next lion king. Cubs aren't even allowed to play without an adult watching them. He's more slow and out of breath. Read The Lion King ^_^ from the story Walt Disney Secrets by ForTheLoveOfDisney (•. Shenzi, Banzai and Ed leaped at the same time, they almost landed on Simba until they were beaten away by Mufasa. Return to the Pride LandsImara's catchphrase Imara is a female lion. Simba helped Nala lay down within their cave in Pride Rock. Book One of The Lion King mini stories, featuring The Lion King, The Lion Guard, The Lion King: Simba's Pride, and other Lion King universe canon. "Taka got into a lot of trouble, and Mufasa was getting all the attention most of the time. However, mating season is upon the pride lands, and all lions are in heat. com The lion king + on simba | Lion king drawings, Lion king picture. Naanda to her family, after Scar becomes the king Naanda is a female lion. Taka ran ahead of Mufasa, laughing as his brother struggled to catch up to him. White clouds were changeing to grey. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Adventure/Romance - [OC, Kiara] [Kion, Zuri] - Chapters: 19 - Words: 32,225 - Reviews: 25. At the end of their great breakfast the lionesses quickly. Chapter 1: Nullification, The High School Program. savage opress x human! reader: lion king. Aurora: Lion King by LegolasG5*. Simba: Son to the third royals of Pride Rock King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi, mate to Nala, father to Kiara, Kion, and Maha, grandson to Jiona, Ahadi, and Uru, nephew to Athena and Taka (Scar), grandfather to Heri, Makosa, Adia, and Chauna, big cousin to Nuka. "Then move down wind!" I shouted and walked away. " In the l The Lion King: Makosa's Beginning. Whatever It Takes - A Lion Guard F King Simba and Queen Nala are now new rulers of Pride Rock. This lion king fan-fiction tells us about the life of Simba's sister, Amara. That is, as much light as could be expected in a place like this. Read stories about #coco, #adventure, and #fanfiction on Wattpad, recommended by EmileePizanoMacias. The characters and the voices of the characters are specified at the end to be able to visualize and imagine how. "Sleep tight, love," Nala whispered, kissing his cheek and leaving the den. I growled and hopped, trying to pass him. kiarasreign; kovu; lion +2 more # 3. Scar's Daughter: Lion King 1 and 2. Join Kion and his Lion Guard as they travel to a faraway Kingdom and meet his be. It was the same scent that came from her while she was nursing Simba. Miraculousladybug Stories. It's is a tale of woe,sisterly love, forbidden love, and the bet Simba's wife died and hes looking for a new queen of pride rock. Nala: "What a sunny day today, right Simba?" Simba: "It sure is, Nala. Plot : In the vast and mystical lands of the Tree of Life, a new chapter began for the Night Pride. One day, her mother told her to run with her siblings, Luka, her older brother, her twin sister, Lyla, and her youngest sister, Leah. Now he needs to tell the truth but then an attack happen, Fuli lost some of her memories and got lost in a place. Find out more! #adventure #alionkingfanfiction #journeys #kali #kalisjourney #lion #lionesses #lionking #tlk #whitelioness. It belongs to the owner of Casino Camelot, the king of Las Vegas's many dazzling casinos! 2. Simba fears what could come about in the future with his son, Kopa and Zira's daughter, Vitani. Read Lion King from the story 🦁THE LION KING🦁 by Kim-ler21 ( ️Kim ️) with 4 reads. "Sina!" Athena whispered sharply to get her to stop talking to Jasiri. Read stories about #fuli, #kopal, and #fanfiction on Wattpad, recommended by JoeyHouchin. "Simba!" "How dare our daughter say such a thing!" Simba paces back and forth boiling anger. Very deep Scars: The Lion King x Male!Lion!Reader. This is the story of Scar's daughter and the role she played in both lion king movies. Tama and her mother have gone to visit her father. " Remir looks down at everybody. After having a run in with three hyenas, she is rescued by a strong lion king named. Or: After a failed attempt at stealing from the self-proclaimed Monkey King, Macaque ends up getting more than he bargained for when the Monkey King decides to take Macaque for himself. I'm Y/N and this is Timon," Y/N smiled at the lioness. The Lion King 4: Kiara's Reign by Ingrid Erawan. [Tokyo revengers X a whisker away] You're a human who bought a mask that, when you're wearing it, turns you into a cat. Fuli and Jasiri are now dating, as well. While the crew told the people along with Stuart and co and the rest ,to get in the crouch position, as the plane nose dived from the lack on control due to the damage. And grass was drying up very quickly. Nothing can change from a day to day. The Lion King: 5 Things Scar Was Right About (& 5 Mufasa Was) By Saim Cheeda. Harem Genre: As if the title wasn't enough of an indication. After the resent war between the outlanders and the members of pride rock, Times in the pride lands had been peaceful, that is, up until this point. Kion is put on another test to protect his lands and his lover. After entering the forbidden "Outlands", Kiara meets. "Which means we are your King and Chief. The lion looks exactly like Simba just younger. this is the continuation of Lion King: The two Prince's Simba …. They include Taka (known as Scar later on), Mufassa (nickname is Muffy), Sarabi, Sarafina, Nala, Simba, Kopa (Simbas son, not in m. The sun rose on the pridelands, in the den of Pride Rock where all the lion's of the pride where sleeping the sun shined in the entrance of the den and the sun shined on Kiara's face and she woke up she look around to see all the other lion's were still sleeping she stood up slowly and left the den, she went to a small. "Scar are you even listening to me. Meteor Beam - Aether controls gravity within space and causes meteors to rain down on his opponents. Kion begins to gain the king's experience, but then Rani's childhood friend appears at the tree of life. 26-ago-2021 - Read ~13~ from the story Imágenes Kiribaku by tsuxkki (nya) with 10,249 reads. Simba and Nala vow to protect Kopa to the best of. Without thinking, she opens the …. "Thank you madam I will report this to my mother and father straight away. Read stories about #fanfiction, #animals, and #adventure on Wattpad, recommended by flordaluaARMY. Read Leaving from the story The Lion King - Untold 2 by BelleT25 (Belle) with 1159 reads. He is kind, caring, and great at fighting. Likes: running playing hanging with Simba and Nala. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Lion King universe. Her gaze never left the ground as she walked blindly ahead, all the while struggling to. She lay there, holding a beautiful cub in her arms. Lion King: The Lost Prince. **SEQUEL TO BREAKING THE ICE** Liam Astor is home. She is the villain, he's the good guy- and his love may. When a seemingly impossible storm hits their transports, Sam loses his mentor, and finds himself # guard # king # king2 # lion # lionguard # lionking # post-canon. The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride The Rewrite Chapter 1: He. A story of family and friendship. From Disney’s The Lion King 1½ 2004. Y/n was a young child who lived on Berserker Island as the Chief's child alongside their brother and sister, Dagur and Heather. That was adopted by Sarabi and Mufasa. Join Kion and his Lion Guard as they travel to a faraway Kingdom and meet his betrothed, Queen Rani as the 'Lion' King fights to defend her home to his dying breath. Wattpad">Lionking Stories. " Jengo and I follow Amaya up the rocky steps. Read the most popular lionking stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Read the most popular lionking lionguard stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. "Mufasa, Tarik, and their heirs are gone," Once Remir says that, the necklace of Naraelli glows and then Remir turns into a lion, everyone gasps at the scene in shock. Her son, Kion is here but Nala isn't sure that she should fuck her own son. "Zazu go give Rafiki the news". #apollo #king #lion #mufasa #nala #sarabi #simba #tlk. The Human Prince Of The Pride Lands By: Fanficwriter24. Then their eldest, Kato, disappears along with …. There may be hope! "Amwa, I want you to take this and go help Kiara at Pride Rock. But there is more than to the little cub then meets the eye. Where Kion doesn't have any friends to turn to, and Kiara makes a big mistake to prove herself to another cub in the Pride. Simba's Brother Apollo: Lion King Fanfiction. Up on the top of Pride Rock that was on fire~. Read Lion King from the story Song Lyrics by jakeydabum2 (jake-o-lantern) with 45 reads. Mind giving me a lift," Bunga laughed, gripping onto Kion's orange neck. Satomi immediately beamed the moment her golden eyes met Dabi's turquoise ones. After the tragic war between Cougar's army and Kiara and Kovu's pride, things falls out of balance but is soon put back in place thanks to the bravery and courage displayed by these two lovers. " He added, holding his head up. After Korra and Mako's break up, she never felt awkwardness with h Korrasami x Catradora crossover. shortstory, completed, tragedy. "Kion?" Kiara stop walking and look over her shoulder with a large smile. My body was frozen and I didn't dare move. Who is a rogue, but has come to meet his daughter. It takes place during Kiara's reign as queen and stars her triplets with Kovu: Koda, Leah, and Asha. Human! Scar (lion king) x blind! Male! Reader. "Worked to death by Azul and now worked to death by. "Get ready for an epic adventure in Dinosaur King: Ancient Frost! Join the D-team as they discover more stone plates and encounter new non-dinosaur creatures. The lionesses, the hyenas: t SEQUEL to The Lion King - Untold Mufasa and Sarabi are now the rulers of the Pridelands. How does Simba feel about his adopted sister?. Meeting More Friends Chapter 2. ♪Oh I Just Can't Wait To Be King~!♪. A young Human boy is ,with his friends to …. Kovu refuses to listen to his son, leaving Chaka with no choice but to leave. Dislikes: scar being around others because she feels out of place. Clouds closed in, and Kion roared. I look over my shoulder seeing a cheetah, bird, hippo, honey badger, and lion come running fast forward. Lion King Roleplay! by Sky The Fennec Fox. Sonic and Bliss took Stella to the Pride Lands This sequel to sister of Simba: Amara's Story picks up where the first book left off with Amara and Xolo's Daughter, Tala. Rani wakes up and sees him peering into her eyes. Did Kovu make the right choice making Makosa the next fu. After all incest is wrong and Kion isn't an adult yet. Silver & Gold (by SageMcMae; A Ses by Trần Thanh Nhã. Some turn evil, some are pure, and some are hidden from existence. Read LiOn KiNg~ from the story CrACkHeAd EnErGy(BTS TeXt) by PinkyyyKittyyy (Kit-Kat¹⁵) with 86 reads. The Lion King: Break Free. Join Kion and his Lion Guard as they travel to a faraway Kingdom and meet his be This would be the lion king 3. Follow her journey through Lion King 1 & Lion King 2 Simba's Pride. Kion has been exiled from his home, and with Vitani at his side, he wants blood. But now, Kion, Bunga, Beshte, Ono, and Fuli face a world full of strife and tragedy. Browse; Wattpad Originals; Editor's Picks Kion is now King of the Tree of Life ruling alongside Rani. He felt panic rise in his chest as he attempted to sit up, the pain coursed up and down him in a wave. Home where is skating partner stayed. This was Zazu, the king's majordomo and one of his top advisors. "Dad! Dad! Wake up! It's time to play!" Uru pounced on her father, the first king of the pridelands - Mohatu. Rafiki came to the very tip with a new born cub and raised it for all the animals to see their future king. Golly you were exhausted!!!! Earlier that day all of you went for a swim at the waterfall and Pumba being Pumba kinda made you and the others almost pukebut any who all off you still had one hakuna matata. I was laying beside Mom in human form as she gave Nala a bath when Simba came over "Hey Rachie, Nala. Lion King / Lion Guard Stories. The Lion Guard: King of Outremerby Fictionknight2. " Kiara look to her side and saw Kovu, laying down beside her. Read stories about #adventure, #chumvi, and #circleoflife on Wattpad, recommended by Real_John_Laurens. The Lion King: Six New Adventures is a collection of spin-off books inspired by The Lion King. Kion and #disney #fanfiction #lion #lionguard #lionking. " Kiara: "That was a crazy party we had yesterday. This lion invited You are the son of Scar and have never met your mother. I never wanted to become a lioness okay. Meeting Nala and Questions for Sarafina. When he crosses the border into the Outlands, he meets a beautiful lioness named Vitani. The bad news, she doesn't have a clue what's happening. Home where he trains every day to make his Olympic dre Where stories live. When Daiyu is summoned with dozens of other girls to be the Emperor's concubine, she doesn't think The Lion Guard Season 4-Legacy of the Night 12 parts. 5K Votes 300 Parts 22 Time 2h 44m Start reading RebelliousDragon Complete Book One of The …. Nala usually reading books or drinking lemon tea everytime she sits in the backyard. Ellie groaned loudly and covered her face with her hands, her cheeks were burning red again. Let Mwoga be miserable all on his own," Sam finally managed as they started off. Scar stood over me as lust replaced anger. The image of her sitting awkwardly on Harry's shoulder was plastered over almost every news channel, most of them with a headline like 'High flying Princess' or 'Prince and Princess recreate scene from the Lion King'. She looked up to see what she assumed to be the king. Once they ran, they got split up after a storm brew and lightening struck. You are a young male lion roaming the savannah when you spot Scar in a very vulnerable position and attempt to get a closer look. Nala: Daughter to Sarafina and Makaoi, Fourth Queen of the Pride Lands, half sibling to. Lions are considered to be the king of the jungle due to their size, strength and numbers and because they don’t fear any other animal. Growing up, she was sheltered from an enemy pride, the Outsiders, by her father, Simba, who forbade her to …. As she grew, she learned the laws of nature and became a princess of the Pride lands. What happened when Scar was the King? What did Nala go through growing up in such a dark moment of the Pr. Apollo is Simba's younger twin brother. The Lion King 4 - Tarew's Story by VenusBringerOfPeace. On A story about the lion guard, after season 3. Alador: hey king can you turn around. She is the princess heir of Pride Rock. Nala and Simba: Soul Mates for life - Bloopers from the Lion King - Wattpad. -No it's quite alright, I got my cane and I trust Duke Scar with my life, I smile. ) Kopa is the Smartest Member of the Lion Guard. The sun rose that day higher than any other day. Dragon Pulse - Aether releases a devastating pulse of energy in the form of a dragon. Beast King was a large, very muscular humanoid lion with a full mane and tail. The herds of animals in the Pridelands start their day with a drink in the waterhole. Rani serves as the main deuteragonist of the series. Language: English (The Lion King) (7) Sarabi/Scar (The Lion King) (7) Exclude Additional Tags Alternate Universe (32) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (32) Fluff …. "Nala!" Rafiki the mandrill moved to give King Simba and his wife some space. Simba assigns his childhood friends meerkat Timon and warthog Pumbaa to follow her. Now, in hopes to fix her brother's sadness, she started treated him better. Lion King 1 1/2 (Timon X Y/N) by Jamie ️. It's a different adventure than most but still exciting. She smiles, "I'm guessing Sarafina here already told you the news. Swords Dance - An enhanced version of Aether's previous move 'Dragon Dance,' the. The King of Outremer shivered as he lay almost naked in the cold, damp cell within Shetani's fortress. Their paths were never meant to be crossed- but fate has a funny way of twisting lives to fit their standards. The Charlotte Hero by Stillwell03. Kion wakes up with Rani lying on his chest. The new soundtrack is a big opportunity for Afrobeats to emerge in U. After the death of his sister, Kion struggles with guilt and the reality of becoming king in the future. The story is very similar to TLK2, but with a few added twists and some scenes from The Lion Guard! On the heels of her ascension into becoming Sorceress, Katie, alongside her friends and family, with Simba and Nala and their young cubs Kiara and Kion. The young lion's attention is fixed at Pride Rock in the distance. Amity was trying to pounce on a bug. First simba looked angry but when I said that he smiled at. the lion and the mouse from disney's live - action movie. Kion gets mistreated by his older brother as a cub and fights back with anger and hate, then slowly gets manipulat Completed. (The lion king doesn't belong to me, it belongs to DISNEP, …. After The Lion King 2 events , Kovu and Kiara are going to be a king and queen of the Pridelands. Lion King 3: Chaka's Journey (Editing). The Lion King: The Two Prince. TLK Comic: Kiara's Reign (pending). Read the most popular jasiri stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Lions do not have many natural predators; humans, other lions and hyenas are sometimes known to kill lions. Sequel to Lion Guard: King of Life. The Lion King: Kaha story. My Favorite The Lion King and The Lion Guard Stories. Kagome finds a wounded stray in the park and takes him in. These writers have also been involved in the writing of several other animated features, either with Disney or other studios. Kiara trudged heavily along the tall grass of the zebra grazing grounds, her ears folded behind and her tail between her legs. In this book the lion king and lion guard characters are in the form of human and in this book we will see their life and Much more kiara; lionkingfamilyversion; nala +9 more. Now Union and the current Power Rangers will pay for their crimes and sins. *This will be the lion king universe but in half lion half human mixed with a bit differently * What if a spirit human female was found in the pride lands half starved and dehydrated how will her life be when she befriends Rafiki and meets the royal family. "And our cub will be a great royal advisor. Scar's Daughter: Lion King 1 and 2. I woke up with a grin on my face. "Y/n leave me in peace, go find your sister she'll play with …. I end up a lion in the lion king, before Kovu and Kiara rule together. The Lion King: Time of Kopa Fanfiction. Read Lion King from the story Facts About Me by Kim-ler21 (Kim) with 71 reads. Kovu, however, is being plagued by his foggy past. Mommy is keeping a secret from us and so is Aunt Kiara and Uncle Kovu. A brand new day was going to dawn on the Pride Lands several months later; the rains had come and gone. Kiara and Kovu are about to be next in line for the throne, however a lioness who is Zira's sister named Scarlet is wanting to kill Simba. The dark blue, bug-eating adventurer had flipped out of a tree Kion was passing by, landing onto the lion cub's back. A rouge lioness joins the Pride Lands to have a better life, sadly encountered by the reign of Scar. Were the Outsiders and Pride landers alway. She is the leader of the Night Pride and eventually ascends the throne becoming Queen of the Tree of Life with Kion as both her …. Every so often, Kion heard the scampering of rats nearby, but he never saw them in the darkness. King: two zebras were fighting. Cruel to everyone, caring to his famil Completed. LION KING: THE HEART OF ZION. Tree Of Life (Kion And Rani) by lionguard. Its what we call home of the great Kings and Queens from the past. One day the Guard was patrolling and went to the Watering Hole because it was so hot out, when they get there a few moments passed and Kion gets bit by a snake and he gets horribly sick and possibly dying. The funniest thing about it was that they even had costumes on. You know, I could have gone with Tommy as Simba and with SBI as Scar, but I have a better idea-. Lionking kiara,kopa Stories. Disney’s “The Lion King” was written by Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts and Linda Woolverton. Follow them in to the past and see what really happened. When a human named Connor Emery is transported to The Pride Lands by an unknown entity, he must work with The Lion Guard as Kiara struggles to trust him. At first they were from two different ends of the pole; a pride lander princess, training to become a dignified Queen and an outlander soldier training to become a ruthless assassin. They've only just been born and won't open their eyes for an other couple of weeks" Tama tells him. It brought nothing but weakness to h Lion King Oneshots ~> x Reader ~> Book 51 parts. Their existence was known only by the Yokai Faction and the Shinto Religion and those. One month after Kion's coronation as king, the Tree of Life seems to be going through a golden age. Monkey King is shocked and he looks at MK and ask if is not true, but MK says nothing and looks. What If Kopa managed to dodge Zira by The Lion King Lover. Read the most popular nightpride stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. " In the l The Lion King - Untold 2. My name is Maya, I'm thirteen years old, and my story begins with the last school field trip of the seventh grade year. Creepypasta funny texts/scenarios. Let's Watch Our Show can be divided into two types of stories: retrospective and prospective. (Book being rewrote) Kion and Rani's life at the Tree. The Lion King One-shots [Volume One] Fanfiction. Read the most popular azurelion stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Just so you know I will use lion king in my other book Robin oneshots incase you want to see Robin reaction to mufasa death and the titans get to see him have a panic attack. "How's your father taking Nukas death?". Kiara was a teenager that wants to be a scientist and Kion was skilled teenage martial arts and Kovu was a college student that wants to become a doctor. King: pouncing wait no please. "Get him, Simba!" the adventure kids were encouraging the good lion while they watched the fight. I go on journeys of love, drama, mysteries, and adventure. But being King isn't the easiest thing in the world for Kion, and to make things worse, an old enemy from the past returns, and they need to stop it at all costs. One Punch Man: Hero's Harem provides examples of: Deep Sea Queen subverts this by being the Deep Sea King's sister rather than a genderbent version of DSK. Read Chapter 14 - Lion King from the story Highschool dxd X Reader by Lynxtheguy (James Jerrell) with 8,847 reads. Kiara and Kovu are madly in love with each other. The dangerous hyenas surround them, and the hyema leader, Shenzi, speaks joyfully of eating Simba. Browse; Wattpad Originals; Editor's Picks; The Wattys This is the story of Kopa and Vitani, the way I see it. Along with Jacob who's suppose to be keeping them out of trouble. Not three months ago he was exiled from the. The Lion King Chronicles: Nala's Tears {Editing} Fanfiction. DeviantArt">AnimationLover2000. He is the king of business world as well as the mafia world. loveatfirstsight; bigfamily; possessive +7 more # 11. Her newborn son looked up at her, his orange eyes wide in newfound wonder. The Lion King: Makosa's Beginning Fanfiction. The Lion Guard and the Lion( first in series). What if a Disney Villian decided they wanted to raise you as their own and plan on never letting you go. Kiara and Stella's Adventure! Soni by ️Bliss ️. "I know what you're going to say," Simba gloated, his chest puffed out. AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey guys, Skyy15 here 👋🏽😁. I have been living at pride rock since I was 6 (because my aunt and uncle found out I can turn into a lion) and Nala was born when I was 10 years old now I'm 11 soon to be 12 and I've been to a school called Hogwarts and met my twin brother Harry and my two new friends Ron and Hermione. Burning Love (Bakugo x reader) by =^. Get inspired by our community of talented artists. Fanfiction Romance The Lion Guard Disney. Two kids named Damian and Jada tae a trip to africa to get away from thier old life, but thier plane crashes and they find themselves stranded and injured, until they me lionking. hope you enjoy Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Fantasy - Simba, Kiara, Kovu - Chapters: 5 - Words: 4,932 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 13 - Updated: 2/15/2020 - Published: 5/3. You have a great potential to be king, Choyo. Lion King ships that I ship. Three failed marriages, several one night stands, and the one tha. Shenzi is a secondary antagonist in The Lion King and a main antagonist inThe Lion King 1½. The happiness of the royal couple is reflected throughout the land as a time of peace and prosperity has fallen over the Tree and its subjects. She finds herself alone, miles away from her love. Princess Kiara recovered slowly, but she did recover. Her name is Mione and she looks like a female Scar. After a while the lionesses returned with a healthy and quite appetizing buffalo, the king, the queen and the newborn prince began to eat their part while the lionesses ate theirs quite hungry. Oh And One Other ThingIM WORKING ON ANOTHER LION KING BOOK!!!!! Since You Guys Are Really Enjoying This One, I'll Create Another One :D I've Already Made The Cover And Title. "Hey, Pumbaa, come over here," Simba called over, Pumbaa got himself unstuck, then Simba introduced, "Nala, this is Pumbaa. The Night Pride helped Rani back into the Tree of Life. After losing her parents at a young age to a murderous lion and facing abuse from her mean spirited aunt, a young African-Romani woman named Shani runs …. They had gone missing at a young age when Completed. Will this new lioness prove to be an asset to the Lion Guard or will she be …. But we’re adults now, and we can learn the actual words to the opening of “Circle of Life” from Disney’s The Lion King. With Kion as king of the Tree of Life with his mate Rani, things are looking very bright for everyo The Kings Luna *undergoing re-write*. This can be somewhat misleading since lions don’t actually live in jungles. Scar and Nala : The Untold Story. " Sina smiled kindly, bowing her head.